Monday, February 28, 2011

The Ultimate Choose Your Own Adventure...

Years ago, back in high school, three of four of my friends and I decided to write a story. We took turns starting the story out, individually filling a notebook page or two with content and would pass the notebook on to the next person. I have long forgotten the full stories that were created, but remember the fun we had doing so, and seeing how the story would evolve from one person to the next. Much like the “telephone” game that we all played as children, the original author's story was completely changed from their original idea.

Today, I have spent many hours enjoying the works of Wil Wheaton and Neil Gaiman, and feel the desire to explore the creative workings in my mind. So, I've decided to start this blog, following the same concept that my friends and I followed back in high school, with a bit of a twist.

I will begin a story, leaving the plot completely open to you, the reader. You then can submit your version of the next phase of the story by clicking here. Your entry can be any length, up to 1000 words, and must include the name you want to have posted as your pen name. Once we reach the submission deadline, I will then read through the entries, choosing the one that I like the best and post it to the blog, noting the author, for all to read. Once this step has occurred, I will then reopen the submission process and we'll proceed until the story is complete.

All entries and submissions are subject to the Creative Commons license.

This will be a work in progress and together we may find ways of improving this process as we go along, and I'm always open to your suggestions and constructive criticism. Just know that I was not an English major and may misuse grammar and punctuation from time to time. Please forgive me for this in advance....

Here we go....

TITLE: To Be Determined...
Contributors: @Sunnytana, others to be determined.

Graduation is over. College is officially complete, and before accepting their fates of becoming responsible adults, Shannon McAndrews, Pamela Jones, and Felicia Timon decided to spend one last month touring the United States. Being that all three women were from different areas across the country, this was a plan they had had since they met during freshman year. The time is here and the girls can hardly contain their excitement.

The apartment they'd shared for the last 3 years was now completely empty, and Felicia had taken the last load of boxes to the post office earlier today. The girls walked into their once crowded living room and laughed as they remembered the countless parties they'd had and the movie nights that turned into gossip sessions. Though they should be sad that they were leaving, they were each anticipating the journey ahead and squealed with excitement. Pamela pulled her long, wavy chestnut brown hair into a ponytail and said “Ok girls.... let's go!”

The three women piled into Shannon's dark green 1978 Mustang Convertible and started on their voyage... A voyage they had only dreamed about until now... A voyage they never could have imagined would end the way that it did.

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