Sunday, June 12, 2011

Part VII is open & Part VI posted

Choose your own adventure at it's best... just write your own version of where the story goes next.

Deadline for submissions for Part VII is: Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 11:59 PM, Eastern Time.  

Visit this post for more information on submitting content. 

Part VI has been added to the Google Document.  You can click to read the entire story or scroll down to read this week's submission.

There was one submission this week - by Tanya Hofford.


Part VI - by Tanya Hofford
The girls had settled in to the comfort of the story, not minding the company of the strange man nearly as much as before, and actually starting to loose track of how long he’d been riding with them.

Nomad continued, “After making sure that Peepsie’s cage was fastened tightly, I turned back to the vacuum to reassemble it back to it’s original state, when I saw several hundred dollar bills crumpled and slightly torn.  

“Now, I don’t often get surprised by things, but it’s not often that you come across someone with so much money they’re willing to throw it away in that quantity.  So, I looked up at Rita and began to ask, ‘Do you realize that there’s money in h-?’ When she cut me off, running over and pushing her way between me and the vacuum. She began to talk quickly in her thick accent again, as she began to try to push me out the door.  Curious why she would be trying to get rid of me so quickly and intrigued by my findings, I planted my feet against the old, slightly worn hardwood floors.  I again asked ‘Do you realize that there’s money in the vacuum?’

“Rita looked up at me with her eyes wide, tears forming in only the corners and began to explain that the people who owned the house had inherited it from their ancestors, and hired her nearly two years ago.  As it turns out, she was vacuuming behind an ancient china cabinet in the main dining room when she found a crack in the wall.  To ensure that the walls were clean behind the cabinet, she ran the vacuum hose over the crack and heard something get slurped into the vacuum.  When she went to empty the bag later, she noticed three one hundred dollar bills.  After surveying everything that had happened that day, she realized that the money came from a hole in the wall.  As it turns out, in place of insulation, this old mansion is insulated with money.   And everyday since she had originally discovered this, she’s been going through the building finding every crack there was, and secretly pocketing her findings.

“Now that I knew her secret, Rita became nervous and began offering me things to ensure that I didn’t tell the owners of her findings.   She offered up everything from the money in the vacuum bag to her first born child.  Just when I didn’t think that the situation could have gotten any stranger, she said the craziest thing...

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